An authentic American diner that looks like an antique toy box ZUMI CAFÉ (Aragusuku, Ginowan City)

An authentic American diner that looks like an antique toy box  ZUMI CAFÉ (Aragusuku, Ginowan City)

The owner, whose husband was a former US Marine, opened the restaruant after collecting American kitchenware and interior items that were cherished long ago. "ZUMI CAFE" was opened with the desire to establish a restaurant in which traditional cooking and American kitchenware interior were favorably combined.

Collecting miscellaneous antique goods was a hobby of the owner who is from Miyako island (a remote island of Okinawa). The goods please the American customers as they say that they remind them of their grandmother 's house. "I think that it is good to have items that I believe are nostalgic in the eyes of American customers," said the owner with a smile.

Not only is the shop decorated with pretty cute feminine items; there are also cool items containing designs of cars and motorcycles. This is the owner's husband selection too. Since the space is not too feminine, the atmosphere is appropriate even for businesmen.

Continuing the original traditional recipe!

Continuing the original traditional recipe!

Our "Loco Moco (1,000 yen)" in the classic menu is a thick and meaty hamburger with cheese, sunnyside eggs, and fried shrimp! Try it with our homemade tartar sauce and BBQ sauce as well as with our cripsy french fries.

Here you can choose a drink or clam chowder from most set menus. You can also have a drink in a cute cup but we definitely recommend our clam chowder. The friend of the owner, who had been running a diner in the US since the 1950s, decided to close his/her own diner. However, the owner had no one to hand over the diner's recipe. The owner who knew the friend passed on his name. The rich and creamy flavor make me wonder about the secrets of the recipe.

Mixing American and Okinawan Culture!

Mixing American and Okinawan Culture!

The most popular dish on our menu is the "ZUMI Burger with soup or drink (650 yen)." The combination of peanut butter and strawberry jam make for the ideal burger. While knowing about the authentic pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, we rearrange them using peanut butter, which Okinawan people love. We created a balance between sweetness and the salty taste of the hamburger steak.

Doria (850 yen), made with clam chowder on top of rice, was first created for the staff. At first it was only offered as a winter meal, but now because of its popularity, it is on our grand menu. Made with vegetables, seafood, grilled cheese. The garlic butter mixed with rice adds to the taste.

The reputation of a wonderful space expanded rapidly overseas. Fans from overseas as well as popular idol groups and K-Pop artists are keen on visiting this restaurant. The signatures of the artists are written on the wall. The items on the rim are decorated. Memories of a trip to ZUMI Cafe are likely to linger for a long time.


location1-30-8 Aragusuku, Ginowan City, Okinawa
business hours11:30-20:00
Regular holidayMonday
Parking LotNo parking lot (Only 3 cars can be parked at the front).


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