To a cozy café where you can relax. Mofgmona (Ginowan, Ginowan City)

To a cozy café where you can relax. Mofgmona (Ginowan, Ginowan City)

When Mofgmona first opened, it was before the start of the café fad we see today.Despite its proximity to Okinawa International University, there were hardly any café-like places in the area.Then the popularity of Mofgmona slowly spread and now, 15 years after its opening in 2002, it is thought of as the trailblazer for cafés in Okinawa and is frequented by tons of customers from inside and outside the prefecture.

Space that provides a spiritually rich experience

Space that provides a spiritually rich experience

Mofgmona was opened by Maejima, the owner who is from Tokyo, and a friend from her university days.Maejima who adores Okinawa initially thought about using one of the old red brick houses that are distinctive of Okinawa, but she felt it was important to value her own style as someone from outside the prefecture, and decided to apply the time she spent as a child to the creation of a space.That became the unique characteristic of Mofgmona.

The landlord said she could do whatever she liked, so she thought, "I can do all sorts of fun things." That is why she starting by choosing this location to open her café.In the middle of the café, there is an exhilarating space that is like an attic enclosed by trees.

That space is surrounded by bookshelves to look like a chic old library.Most of the books are from Maejima's own collection, but some are additions that have been surreptitiously slipped in by customers here and there.It is also nice to find a book you like and enjoy a leisurely time while reading.

The concept is a place where you can spend a long time working or studying and can also have a meal or drink alcohol. This is a valuable place where men also feel uninhibited to come alone.

Adding a unique touch to everyday foods

Adding a unique touch to everyday foods

On the lunch menu that has a focus on ingredients from Okinawa, I recommend the rice plate of the day for 1,296 with tax.You can enjoy ingredients that are common in Okinawan homes and cooking styles and flavors you don't often see at home.It also has a great reputation among the locals for its suggestions of new ways to enjoy the ingredients they are so used to.

The homemade desserts are made with seasonal ingredients and taste excellent with the specially prepared coffee.The original blend coffee features a fragrant dark roast aroma and a bitter and mildly acidic flavor.

Mofgmona that is particular about the dishes used for food also sells tableware, mostly made by Okinawan potters.With such stylish dishes, you can enjoy feeling like you are in a café during meals at home too.In addition to the tableware, there are also handmade home and fashion accessories.

On the third floor of the same building, you can enjoy shopping for tableware and miscellaneous goods at Mofgmona no Zakka, and if you go up to the roof, you can catch a view of the streets and the ocean, so be sure to check out those spots too for extra delights after your meal.


location1F (café) and room 301 (variety store) 2-1-29 Ginowan, Ginowan City
business hours11:30 AM - 10:30 PM (last order 9:30 PM)
Regular holidayTuesdays
Parking LotYes 10 spots


Enjoy serene café time The first 10 customers will receive a free used book chosen by the shop owner
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