Enjoy our delicious collagen jelly! Lily Foods(Aichi, Ginowan City)

Enjoy our delicious collagen jelly! Lily Foods(Aichi, Ginowan City)

Our Churakora combines plenty of ingredients that are rich in collagen: pork feet joints, the area between those joints, as well as the surrounding cartilage, bones, and skin.

We put plenty of Okinawa’s vitamin-rich fruits such as Okinawan lime, acerola, blueberries, prunes, and such into a liquid. The liquid contains an ample amount of collagen extracted from the pig's leg, especially the toe area (which is called “chimagu” in the Okinawan dialect). EM gold, which is said to improve one’s immunity and manage the flow of energy in the body, is also added voluminously.

It’s the dessert that supports beauty and health; no artificial coloring and no additives! Plus, everyone from children to the elderly can eat it worry-free, since it is soft like jelly and easy to eat.

Beautiful skin, energetic leg muscles; our collagen has many great benefits!!

By only hearing this, many people might doubtingly think, "jiggly pig's feet turned into a jelly? Is it really delicious?"

Lily Foods' Churakora maker, Ms.Yukiko Matayoshi, had tried and failed to make something delicious for many years, until now. At first the odor was too strong; it was far from a delicious dessert. However, considering people who badly wanted something appetizing to eat while maintaining their health, she worked hard to create a tasty dessert with pig’s feet extract and no odor. And thus, Churakore was invented!

Churakora was invented at the time Ms. Matayoshi herself was in poor physical condition. At first, she decided to improve her exercise and eating habits, and continued to eat pork legs on a daily basis. However, she gave it up in a week. Certainly it is hard for anyone to eat pork legs everyday, except for those who really like it (Even though pork legs are often used as an ingredient in Okinawan local food, Okinawan people do not eat it every day). So while contemplating her own well-being first, Ms. Matayoshi came up with Churakora. Her health improved unbelievably in no time. She became much more lively and youthful than her age would suggest.

Our Churakora has 6 flavors: Acelora, Mango, Okinawan Lime, Blueberry, Passion fruit, and Prune. It's softer than regular jelly with a very satisfying taste. Rest assured, there is no peculiar odor; enjoy each fruit collagen jelly as a dessert!

Ms.Matayoshi recommends that you try our collagen jelly topped with fruit and yogurt. Sweetening it with honey is also recommended for an exceptional taste.

The effects sink in at night!

The effects sink in at night!

Collagen is especially more effective when taken at night. Between 10:00pm to 2:00am is when the skin is said to absorb the most collagen for long-lasting beauty and health; take it and get plenty of sleep during that time.

Since the effects don't sink in as soon as you take it, it is important to keep having delicious collagen regularly everyday.

Make Churakora a part of your life everyday. Spend it beautifully, healthily!

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