Vintage furniture and miscellaneous goods from the West Coast of The United States. PEARL. (Oyama, Ginowan City)

Vintage furniture and miscellaneous goods from the West Coast of The United States. PEARL. (Oyama, Ginowan City)

Along the national highway No. 58 in the Oyama area, "PEARL" is a popular spot for enthusiasts who love clean and neatly arranged American furniture shops.
The store stands out with its chic, classic, and eye-catching exterior.

The owner, a couple from Okinawa travelled through Portland, Oregon with a truck and bought furniture from antique shows, malls, and various shops.
The purchased goods were shipped to Okinawa by containers. After the goods were repaired at their workshop, they were arranged at the front of the store. The owners hope their customers will use their items for the 100 years to come.

Each Item is Unique! Discover For Yourself!

Each Item is Unique! Discover For Yourself!

At the moment you enter the store, you will be amazed by the beautiful light emanating from the lamps. It will enchant you. Brightened by the light, vintage and antique furniture are lined up all the way, reaching from popular manufacturers to no-name brands.
Beyond that there are sundries and clothing items. Take your time to look at them for as long as you like.
There will be moments when you will say, "I've been searching for this piece the whole time!" as if you found the desired piece you have been looking for a while. The owners themselves are also very attached to the products they handpicked and repaired themselves. You can definitely see for yourself!

Originally, "PEARL" started as a repairing furniture shop and offered discounts for US military in Yonohara Town in the South. After a while, the owners decided to fix furniture. They began to buy, sell furniture, and moved to Ginowan City. They opened up shop about 20 years ago in Yonohara Town. At the time of the opening, they used an advanced repair technology and product making that makes furniture useable for a long time.

There are items that are meant to be by your side forever!

There are items that are meant to be by your side forever!

The furniture is maintained in the basement shop. It takes time to remove the legs of the chairs or desks and peel off paint in furniture that is not well- conditioned. They repaint them from scratch. For example, a chest that was about 100 years old has been reborn again as a brand new chest. The age of the furniture is specified from the decorating. In ""PEARL,"" the aged products are casually displayed throughout the premises.

There are a variety of tableware and cutlery items recommended for souvenirs. It seems that the fans of the Fire-King mug often purchase them at this store. There are many items such as wall clocks, flower vases, and typewritters that would create a good accent for one's dwellings. Owner selected Vintage T-shirts are popular in this store.

Many original items can be found here. These are popular such as the industrially designed lights made with pipes and TV stands made out of wood. The design was inspired by vintage items from a long time ago. The products that are mixed with old and new items will give the customers a stylish and a timeless atmosphere.


location4-2-6 Oyama, Ginowan City, Okinawa
business hours11:00-19:00
Regular holidayOpen everyday
Parking LotNo parking available


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